Chuckies sick bags... with wipes!

Chuckies sick bags with wipes will shortly be appearing in pharmacies, as a result of customers taking part in research via email and Facebook – with further product improvements to come.

Customers who had liked Chuckies’ Facebook page were invited to click their preferences, with 100% of respondents indicating they wanted wipes as part of the package.

Winter vomiting bug: don't cook dinner!

Winter vomiting bug: don't cook dinner!

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a strong risk of gastro in winter, as viral gastroenteritis outbreaks linked to norovirus occur – and so the Food Safety Information Council is warning Australians not to prepare food or drink for others if they’re affected.

All about indigestion

Indigestion is discomfort of the upper abdomen or chest that usually occurs after eating. It may include feelings of fullness, gaseousness, burping, burning, abdominal distention, pain, nausea and/or vomiting.

Eating may make symptoms worse, or improve them.

Ditching the habit: a personal perspective

I have guilty confession to make: I used to be a smoker – and I’m a health writer, so should know better. I’ve smoked off and on for the past 20 years: given up, then had the ‘odd one’ and it’s started all over again. You know how it is.

Bitten by the gastro bug

Just the name alone – gastroenteritis – gives me shivers; gastro conjures up images of hugging a toilet bowl, doubling over with stomach pain and dealing with the wave-like effects of nausea.

Time flies in migraine matters

An impending migraine often leaves such a small window of time to seek help that booking in to see a local doctor is simply out of the question. What’s needed is fast pain relief, which is why many migraine sufferers will turn to their local pharmacy for help.

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