How much is enough?

A few years ago Time magazine famously said ‘sleep is the new sex’. Which is great news if you love sleep. Not such good news however if you like sex.

Liberate your libido

As a society we’re increasingly aware of the importance of our own wellbeing. We recognize that regular exercise, teamed with relaxation, can help our mental, physical and emotional wellness, but we can sometimes forget that sexual health is equally as important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Herron helps boost men's health

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) results in prostate cancer and affects 50% of men aged 40–60 years, and a lot more for those 80+. Herron’s Prostate Health Saw Palmetto 1600 provides symptomatic relief for mild-to-moderate cases of BPH and comes in soft-gel capsules. Herron’s Men’s Function Support supports male physiology including libido and a healthy sperm count.

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