Iodine and Selenium sprays

BioCeuticals has introduced a range of new high-dose liquid mineral oral sprays: BioCeuticals Iodine Forte and Selenium Forte. Both have a minty, fresh taste.

Iodine Forte provides 288mcg of iodine with each peppermint-flavoured spray, each of which delivers sufficient iodine supplementation for the maintenance of healthy thyroid hormone production and thyroid function. Iodine Forte is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to support a healthy pregnancy, and contribute to the healthy development of a baby’s brain, eyesight and hearing.

Selenium Forte contains 142.8mcg of selenium, the maximum daily allowable dose, with each spray. This supports the body’s antioxidant network, and provides nutritional support for the heart, thyroid, immune system and sperm. It’s also good for patients exposed to arsenic, cadmium and mercury, as selenium may reduce the absorption of these metals.

Supplier: BioCeuticals

Inquiries: 1300 650 455 or

RRP: $23 (Iodine) and $29 (Selenium).