Tried and Tested: Dreambaby Rapid Response Digital Thermometer (F320)

Dreambaby Rapid Response Digital Thermometer F320

RRP: $24.95

More information: or (02) 9386 4000

Trialed by: Megan (and daughter)

Dreambaby says:

‘With its extra-large display window the Dreambaby Rapid Response Digital Thermometer is the ultimate in easy reading while keeping your restless child calm.

‘It has been designed to give an accurate reading in just 8 seconds, and comes with a Fever Alert Light up indicator that helps take the guesswork out of reading the result. If a fever is detected and the temperature is over 37.6 degrees C (99.7 degrees F), the display panel will glow red and you will hear a rapid beeping sound, if lower it will show green.’

The lowdown:

Every time I think one of the kids might be a bit feverish, I have to go and Google what constitutes a higher-than-normal temperature in kids (see above, if you can’t remember either!) A thermometer that takes the guesswork out of that has to be a good thing.

And then, of course, I have to get them to sit still for the time it takes to get an idea of their temperature. A thermometer with an 8-second response time and a large viewing panel comes in handy when attempting to restrain a bad-tempered  2-year-old:  by the time she realised there was a thermometer tip (flexible and much less pointy than our old one) in her armpit her temperature – fortunately normal – was taken. Anything that makes a mum’s life easier is a big plus!