Mums and Bubs12 September 2013

Anyone who has a small baby can tell you that having a permanent odour of vomit about you is pretty standard.

‘Hmm, Sunny, what’s that interesting perfume you’re wearing?’

‘Oh, that? That’s my new fragrance – Eau de Vomit.’


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4 September 2013

by Sunny de Bruyn

Apparently the first case of bipolar disorder was diagnosed in the late 1950s. In recent years cases seem to have escalated. I often wonder if that is my perception, or in fact more and more people are getting... Read more

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2 September 2013

Sunny de Bruyn tells a frightening tale of febrile convulsions...

When we become a parent, it can be hard to think that our mothers once went through the exact same things as we’re going through, but the reality is they did.... Read more

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22 August 2013

Is Sunny de Bruyn's cat harbouring dark intentions towards her newborn?

I love my cat, Pearl. She is a little bit awesome. In fact, don’t tell my kids, but I love her as much as I love them. It helps that she’s massively cute.  ... Read more

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9 August 2013

Two years ago, I took my little family to visit their grandparents in South Africa. I decided to visit for 10 weeks, so that Derry and Pierre (my in-laws) could really get to know their grandchildren.

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