Health Care11 October 2013

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to peel back the winter layers and gear up for summertime. Yay! But if like me, you’ve over-indulged in a few too many comforting carbs during winter – not to mention the severe lack of exercise – now’s the time to reassess your... Read more

6 months 1 week ago by lphilpott
11 September 2013

With summer just around the corner, no doubt weight loss is on many people’s minds. But sometimes, when it comes to weight, we’re our own worst enemy and it’s our bad habits that hold us back from successful slimming.

Ironically,... Read more

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2 September 2013

Leanne Philpott talks to Janet Michelmore, daughter of the late Jean Hailes and Director of the Jean Hailes Foundation for Women’s Health.

A passionate educator of women’s health issues, Janet and her team at Jean Hailes is... Read more

7 months 2 weeks ago by lphilpott
22 August 2013

It’s the season where combating a cold and fighting flu is the norm. But even so I find myself taking a sneaky step back from anyone that approaches me with the hint of a sniffle or a case of the sneezes for fear I’ll catch a pesky cold... Read more

7 months 4 weeks ago by lphilpott
16 August 2013

Are you neglecting your brain health? asks Leanne Philpott

I have baby brain. There, I came right out and said it, but I figure at least I have an excuse – albeit temporarily! What’s your cover for forgetting where you put your... Read more

8 months 5 days ago by lphilpott