Care for curly-tops

Curly hair is celebrating a resurgence and revival thanks to celebrities such as Halle Berry and Beyoncé downing straightening tools and embracing their natural wave and texture.

Having curly hair myself, I welcome this trend warmly. And why wouldn’t you? Waves, kinks and curls offer a fresh alternative to poker-straight, tortured tendrils.

Curly hair is far more porous, delicate and temperamental than straight hair. Add colour to curls and you’re in for one dehydrated ‘do.

The key is to find treatments and products that work for your waves. Here’s my pick of the best tips and treats for any kink or curl.

Dry Cuts: If your hairdresser isn’t well-versed in curly hair, find one that is. Curly hair springs up and gets shorter when wet, so always have it cut ‘dry’ so that you can gauge how much you are having cut and how it will sit afterwards.

Wash only twice weekly: Curls thrive on the natural hair oils, so by over-washing you are stripping these back and curls are left wanting. Therefore, wash curly hair only once to twice weekly.

Leave in some Leave-In: Don’t over-rinse conditioner out of curly hair. Instead, leave some conditioner in the hair to nourish curls and prevent frizzing. Do so by only standing under rinsing water for two seconds so that excess conditioner is rinsed off, but some still sits within the layers of the hair.

Cold Blast: Before exiting the shower, blast the hair with completely cold water. This will close the hair shaft so that it dries smoother. A smooth hair shaft doesn’t frizz, so by doing this, you are creating a cleaner silhouette to curly hair as it dries.

Gentle does it: Squeeze curly hair dry rather than roughly towel drying it as this will ensure the hair follicle remains closed after your shower and any moisture is sealed within.

My top five products:

Pantene Hydrating Curls Shampoo & Complete Therapy Conditioner, ($7.99 each) are super-saturating and rich in vitamins to really invigorate curls. With no residue, these products deliver an extra dose of moisture and reduce frizziness and flyaways.

Toni&Guy Spray Gel for Curls, $15.99. Gel on curly hair is usually a no-go zone, but this product provides a natural feel with no frizz. You can also spray lightly on dry hair during the day to sculpt misbehaving curls in seconds.

John Frieda FRIZZ-EASE Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray, $16.99. Need to add life to wilted waves? This is the product for you. Alcohol-free, a few sprays to damp hair works to add silky softness to lackluster locks. The magnesium-enriched formula also penetrates hair to restore elasticity and enhance natural curl pattern.


Pure Luxury Curls Bath and Rinse, $26.95 each. Blending Argan oil with an exclusive a powerful blend of organic extracts, this duo work to tame curly and coarse hair, and enhance curl retention. Kind ingredients also aid hydration, moisture, smoothness and shine.

BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Curl Cream, $19.95 can be left in the hair to define curls, enhance texture and leave curls bouncy. Humidity resistant it can also be used on coloured hair to provide protection against fade.

by Emma-Charlotte Bangay