Bronze up beautifully

The sun may be waning, but your glow need not. Did you manage to get your bronzer bang on this summer?

This can be more challenging than wrangling that last bit of sand out of your swimmers. Getting a believable bronzed bod and visage is all about testing what works for you and working with your natural skin undertone.

Here are my favourite fail-safe tips: 

  • For fair skin: Use a sheer bronzer with rose or peach coloured undertones.
  • For olive skin: A bronzer with reddish or copper undertones is ideal.
  • For dark skin: Choose a rich, chocolaty brown bronzer with a touch of shimmer to highlight.
  • If you still can’t find the perfect hue, go DIY! Mix a small amount of your favourite bronzing powder or liquid with your daily moisturizer. This can simply be done on the back of your hand until you’ve achieved the desired result. Then apply as you would a foundation, noting that the added moisturizer should pull back the darkness of your bronzer, rather than making it too sparse all together. Play around with amounts until you get it right. You can even mix up a bigger batch and seal it in a solo container to make every morning application completely fuss-free and spot-on. 
  • If you are having a dalliance with a powder bronzer, use the ‘3’ method adopted by many leading makeup artists. With product on your brush, tap excess off the top and draw a ‘3’ on the side of your face gently; sweeping the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin in one go. This will give the raised areas of the face a believable glow hey presto!
  • For older skin, choose a more hydrating product than one that contains too much glitter as the latter can highlight creases and crevices you’d prefer to forget!
  • For a glow to go, choose a product that tans face and body. Many brands stock these, and it takes the guesswork out of toting too many products. Ensure you apply at the same sitting so that blending is perfected in the same light.
  • When you are applying any liquid face bronzer, pay particular attention to the hairline and brows where product likes to gather. Always have a face flannel handy to slough away any build up and run over brows and around ears and jaw line ever so gently so that there are no 'eek-worthy' streaks!
  • When using long-lasting tanning products, prepare the skin with a little exfoliation which removes dead skin and creates a more receptive, even surface for product.  Pay particular attention to ankles and elbows as the tougher, rougher skin here can mean that colour develops darker. Do this the night before application to avoid too much skin sensitivity.