Women may be unknowingly putting their health and beauty at risk by using “fake” makeup, warns discount pharmacy brand Good Price Pharmacy.Women are putting themselves at risk of infections and allergic... Read more

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Natio is aiming to put a buit of... Read more

Natural Wellness

Pharmacies should reconsider selling homoeopathic remedies, says the chair of the working committee that helped develop the NHMRC Draft Information Paper on homoeopathy.The NHMRC draft Information Paper:... Read more

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Nature’s Own has introduced EQ... Read more


Youth Week (4-13 Apr) is a week-long celebration of young people and their achievements, with a theme for 2014 of “Our Voice. Our Impact.”According to Canberra university student and Youth Week... Read more

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Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are... Read more

Health and Wellbeing

Anthony Tassone and Catherine King
More than a quarter of people checked at Chemmart's Biggest Blood Pressure checking promotion were referred to their GP for health advice, the pharmacy brand has announced.Australia’s Biggest Blood... Read more

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Since its launch in late 2012, Nad’... Read more